Sunday, December 5, 2010

iBookstore Language Support

In the iBookstore Publisher User Guide it says:

"What languages does the iBookstore NOT support?

At this time, the iBookstore does not support the following languages: Persian, Old (ca.600- 400 B.C.), Persian, Samaritan Aramaic, Amharic, Arabic, Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE), Imperial Aramaic (700-300 BCE), Burmese, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Judeo-Persian, Judeo-Arabic,Central Khmer, Lao, and Mon-Khmer languages."

I find it surprising that Chinese and Japanese would be on this list, the others not so much. By implication all sorts of Indic scripts (Devanagari, Tamil, Bengali, Tibetan, etc) are supported, which is interesting as well.

For updated info see here.


Unknown said...

Why Apple doesn't support arabic books!
Why i do not find any arabic books in iBooks store to download? I prefer iBooks reader because its make you feel like you are reading real book! and it's easy faster than others in downloading books.

Tom Gewecke said...

I have no idea, but have thought it might be because the iBooks app cannot support RTL paging yet....