Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fonts for New Characters in Unicode 5.1

In an earlier article we mentioned the new scripts and other items included in Unicode 5.1. Fonts are now becoming available for some of them as indicated below.

Kayah Li, Cham, Ol Chiki, Rejang, Saurashtra, Vai: Code 2000

Carian, Lycian: Aegean

Lepcha, Lydian, Sundanese: None so far.

Phaistos Disk: Aegean, Code 2001

Dominoes: Code 2001, Unicode Symbols

Mahjong: Unicode Symbols

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Optimus Multilingual Keyboard

Someone has actually finally gotten a copy of the long-awaited Optimus keyboard, which can display the keyboard layout for any language directly on its keys via 113 OLED screens underneath them. For more information see this blog.

This report indicates that the keyboard may not actually work the way one would expect, at least on a Windows machine.

Here is another review.