Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viewing Hindi, Tamil, Bengali Websites with Your iPad/iPhone/iPod

Apple's mobile devices are in general still unable to correctly display Unicode Indic scripts like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Tibetan. But it turns that the Opera Mini browser can solve that problem for web pages by turning the text into a graphic. To activate this feature, you have to type opera:config in the browser address window. A page of settings will then come up, and you go to the very bottom one called "Use Bitmap Fonts for Complex Scripts", set that to Yes, and hit the Save button.


நா. கணேசன் said...

Thanks Tom!

N. Ganesan

Pixelord said...

Hi Tom,
I saw you replying several multi-lanugual indic font related question as well as about Bengali font problem in Mac. So I am posting here, if you could help:

I occasionally use Bengali in my Mac book pro but having problem when I've upgraded to snow leopard.
I am using Ekushey Unicode keaboard and was using fine in my Leopard. But when I upgraded to snow leopard, I found that the short vowels are not appearing in right place.

Like it is appearing in this order: ক ব ি ত া
while the correct order is: ক ি ব ত া

I have enable Safari to 32 bit mode as some in forum suggested and also removed all windows based fonts from my mac. But still having this issue.

Any help?

Tom Gewecke said...

Pixelord -- I need more info in order to help.

Are you talking about input? If so, what app are you talking about? Do you have the problem in TextEdit? MS Word cannot do Bengali.

Are you talking about browser display? If so, provide the url of the site.

Email me the answers (tom at bluesky dot org)

papa9076 said...

I tried it but when i opened one attachment written in bengali font couldnt see it in correct form.... is there any other way to read the attachment of any bengali font

Tom Gewecke said...

Papa9076 -- what app are you using exactly? iOS devices now do display unicode bengali, so perhaps your attachment is not unicode? Send me a copy if you want (tom at bluesky dot org).

James said...

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