Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Tibetan Fonts and Keyboards

My thanks to Andrew Main for alerting me to a new source for OS X Tibetan fonts and keyboards. If you go to the downloads page on the Tibetan Geeks site and then click on the file "", you will get a set of 13 Monlam fonts and 2 keyboard layouts.

Also Jomolhari, which seems to work in 10.6 but not in 10.5.

These are a welcome addition to the two Tibetan fonts supplied by Apple and the commercial fonts available from XenoType.

Give us your impressions if you try the Monlam fonts.

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Duncan McGreggor said...

This is a great link you provided! The instructions were in Tibetan, but there were enough clues to figure out what to do. The fonts are Just beautiful -- similar to the Qomolangma fonts that I've used in the past and enjoyed greatly. This is a new Mac, and when I get a chance to pull the fonts off my old machine, I'll compare more closely.

I'm running Lion, and these fonts work perfectly so far. I also installed their keyboards -- I haven't used them, but the Tibetan help file (.pdf) displayed the multiple layouts using the various meta keys, and it looks just phenomenal. Certainly the most extensive Tibetan keyboard layout I've ever used. I'll give another update later, after I've had a chance to run it through its paces.

Thanks again!