Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Malayalam Font for OS X

Thanks to Vinod Prabhakaran for alerting us to the availability of a new, free OS X font and keyboard for Malayalam. You can get it here:


Readers who know this script are encouraged to give it a try and provide feedback to its creators.


goofy said...

This font seems to be the same as the Rachana font you wrote about on Feb 3 2007. It doesn't render properly, here's a screenshot:


Tom Gewecke said...

goofy -- How about if you look at this page using Firefox?


goofy said...

Yes, in Firefox it looks fine. But weirdly, the text I see in Safari doesn't look like the image of the "Imperfect rendering in Safari". It's rendered worse.

Unknown said...

I am using Leopard, Safari 5.0.6. have installed rachana for mac. Neither safari nor firefox (3x, or 12) can display the font correctly. I have tried all that I could, but sadly, the result has been very bad. any other solution?

Tom Gewecke said...

nmpost -- try using the font at


Time to upgrade your OS, nobody has time to fix things that are 5 years behind.