Thursday, September 3, 2009

OS X 10.6: Some Font Improvements

Looking further into Snow Leopard's fonts, I've found a couple of interesting refinements:

The character repertoire of Geneva has been expanded considerably. Ranges added are Greek, Ogham, Cyrillic Extensions A and B, plus two blocks from Unicode Plane 1, Ancient Symbols and Old Italic.

The new monospaced font Menlo has a broader than expected script coverage, including Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, and Georgian in addition to the normal Latin. Lao is also present, but about 20 characters seem to be missing.


Bill Walsh said...

Hey, and I noticed that TextEdit and Pages have stopped putting exclamation points to the right of Arabic-script sentences I type. So that's a win.

Tom Gewecke said...

Bill -- Thanks for the info. I admire your audacity to use buggy Pages for typing Arabic:-)

Greg said...

The Taiwanese&HK Mac community is outraged over the new Heiti (sans-serif) system font which comes in two flavours, Traditional and Simplified Chinese (TC/SC). Not only is the typographic quality embarrassingly poor, the TC font at least has serious orthographic mistakes. There is even a tool to restore the pre-snowy settings:

What I find interesting, though, that according to this blog entry, Apple displays variants not only depending on system prefs and locale but also on the input method used (simplified or trad. Chinese).