Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Unicode 4.1 Scripts

Unicode 4.1, released in the Spring of 2005, included 8 new scripts. Here is the current status of their usability on the Mac as far as I know. Where there is a font but no keyboards, characters can of course still be entered directly using the Character Palette. But it seems like we should have more keyboards by now.


Fonts: Code2000, MPH 2B Damase
Keyboards: Xenotypetech


Fonts: Dilyana, MPH 2B Damase


Fonts: ALPHABETUM Unicode, Code2000, MPH 2B Damase, New Athena Unicode
Keyboards: Coptic2005


Fonts: Code2000, Hapax Berbère, Hapax Touareg, Hapax Touareg DàG, MPH 2B Damase
Keyboards: Tifinagh.keylayout

Syloti Nagri

Fonts: MPH 2B Damase
Keyboards: none

Old Persian

Fonts: ALPHABETUM Unicode, Code2001, MPH 2B Damase
Keyboards: OPersian


Fonts: ALPHABETUM Unicode, MPH 2B Damase
Keyboards: none

New Tai Lue

Fonts: none
Keyboards: none

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