Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Typing Tifinagh

Tifinagh is a script used for some Berber languages, in particular Tamazight in Morocco. For more info see this page. An experimental keyboard, Tifinagh.keylayout, is available on my iDisk.

Fonts which contain Tifinagh include Code2000, Hapax Berbère, Hapax Touareg, Hapax Touareg DàG, MPH 2B Damase.


Anonymous said...

First, let me congratulate you for your useful blog.

I was glad to see the post about Tifinagh and Berber (Amazigh / Tamazight) language in the top, that's great!

I work now on a web portal dedicated to the Amazigh (Berber / Tamazight) language.
The main mission of this project is to offer a plate form to learn Tamazight (Berber / Amazigh) language online !

There are some useful link about this project :

Web Portal address(under construction) :

Page dedicated to the Amazigh language :

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Group dedicated to the Amazigh language :

Group dedicated to the Amazigh Web Portal (AmazighPortal.Com) :

See you soon in the community of the future web portal ;-)

Anonymous said...

The link to tifinagh.keylayout doesn't work PLEASE HELP

Tom Gewecke said...