Friday, March 1, 2013

Language Capabilities of Adobe InDesign/Illustrator

This blog page provides some useful info on maximizing the language capabilities of these Adobe products.


Chris Thompson said...

Do we know if the ME version "exposes the functionality" as they describe it, for the Indian languages?
Is this the same as opening up the World-Ready Para Composer which came in in CS4 and was made available via plugins. This also enabled the use of OpenType Indian language fonts.
I've only got as far as CS5.5 so far , so can't check the CS6 offer.
Regards, Chris Thompson

Tom Gewecke said...

Hi Chris -- Good question. I don't know, but wonder if it amounts to adding ScribeDoor.

Chris Thompson said...

Yes, but ScribeDOOR is still being offered for CS6, which might imply there's different functionality. My pockets aren't deep enough to go and buy them both to try it out. Maybe after my next big typesetting job...
Chris Thompson