Saturday, March 16, 2013

Apple Online Store Adds Keyboard Language Choices

Apple's US Online store traditionally has only offered English, French, (Western) Spanish, and Japanese keyboards when you tried to order a laptop machine.  Today I noticed that this has been expanded to add Arabic, British, Danish, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Russian and Taiwanese are two languages which I have often heard requested which are apparently still not available.

iMac choices remain at the earlier 4 languages.

Asking a retail store for a special order is another option for getting Mac's with unusual keyboards.

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Magnus Lewan said...

Funny. In France, it seems you can order Russian keyboards for laptops, but not Arabic or Norwegian.

I guess they are slowly rolling out all options in all countries. With France's large Arabic speaking community, it makes no sense that they would not be able to use their own keyboard.