Monday, March 4, 2013

Bugs In iOS Cyrillic Font

A poster in the Apple Support Communities has pointed out that the font Market Felt Thin, one of the three available for the Notes App, uses a mixture of italic and regular letter forms when displaying Cyrillic text, which is not correct.  To avoid this, you need to switch to Helvetica or Noteworthy in the Settings for Notes.  In other apps, you can use Marker Felt Wide (but it has all italic forms).

The differences between Cyrillic regular and italic forms can be quite significant, as seen in this graphic:

Some fonts (including Marker Felt) have yet another form for italic ะด, which looks like a Latin "g".


Chris Thompson said...

With my OS X 10.6 Marker Felt, it's the Wide weight that has the italic (handwriting) forms, while the Thin has the normal forms.
Versions 6.1d19e2 for wide and 6.1d19e2 for thin - the same version number for both.

Meanwhile in the Latin range, both versions of Market Felt have the lower-case 'a' with a bowl and a hook, unlike the more typical handwritten bowl-only version.

Regards, Chris Thompson

Tom Gewecke said...

Chris -- You are correct. What happens is that in iOS, if you try to use Marker Felt Thin, it mixes in some glyphs from Marker Felt Wide. (In Notes, Thin gets used without any choice.)

Chris Thompson said...

Odd behaviour. In iOS, can you set either Marker Felt to an italic style, and if so, does it make any difference?

Tom Gewecke said...

Market Felt can only be set to Regular/Bold in the apps I tried, with Bold giving italic forms and Regular giving a mix.

Igor Freiberger said...

Just to add a small information: the g-like form to italic de is the variant used in Bulgarian Cyrillic.