Thursday, September 27, 2018

MacOS 10.14 Mojave: Japanese Input

One of the new features in MacOS 10.14 Mojave is supposed to be "romanized keyboard input for Japanese" or "romanized English input for Japanese Keyboard".

I had a hard time figuring out what this referred to, but thanks to info provided by Magnus Lewan it appears to be a feature making it easier to type English words in the middle of Japanese text.  Some explanation in Japanese is here.


Magnus Lewan said...

I think they talk about the feature described here:

If you type an English word, the English word now appears in the list of proposed inputs.

It seems limited to English, by the way. I tried typing "adresse" in French, and it would not display it, but "address" in English was displayed perfectly.

Tom Gewecke said...

Thanks, great find!