Sunday, December 10, 2017

MacOS High Sierra: Missing Input Sources and Character Viewers

Quite a few users have reported missing Chinese and other input sources after updating to MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.   I've found that a Safe Boot often fixes this.  If not, Apple has published an article that should do the trick.


Anonymous said...

There's a more serious problem found. Arabic input will not work when using pair with other Asian language. Arabic and Japanese can't be used as a language pair when you are working on a biligual document. When you finishe to input Japanse and switch to arabic input, arabic will just work as an English keyboard. No arabic character can be inputted, it just shows English alphabet.
Is there anyone can help out about this issue?

Tom Gewecke said...

Apple has to fix this problem. Make sure you ask them to do it via In the meantime, you have to switch to US or some other Latin keyboard between Japanese/Chinese/Korean and keyboards for Cyrillic/Arabic/Hebrew/Greek.