Thursday, September 15, 2016

iOS 10 Multilingual Typing

The multilingual typing feature of iOS 10 is limited to 2 languages at once, and only selected keyboards can do it at present.  For a list go to this page


Magnus Lewan said...

I'm sure they'll make it useful one day, but it seems they punish anyone with more than two keyboards by blocking the functionality completely. I currently have 10 keyboards active on my phone.

If you type only in Spanish and English it apparently works. But the frustrating thing is that if you have to type one phrase in French as well, you need to add a French keyboard, and that breaks the functionality for Spanish.

I admittedly did not test it that much, as it seems it has a long way to go before it becomes useful.

Magnus Lewan said...

Did you see any change with this? Suddenly it seems I get French suggestions when typing in English, though I have other languages activated as well. I'd like to understand if some update has taken place.

Part of the reason why I would like to understand it is that I do not think it works properly. It seems random. In the middle of typing an English text, suddenly my iPhone suggests French words out of context. Perhaps if I understood it better, I could make sense of it.