Sunday, December 13, 2015

Confusing Name Changes in OS X

I've run into several people in the Apple Support Communities confused by recent name changes implemented by Apple.  These are

+Starting with OS X 10.10.3, the standard menu item for many years called "Edit > Special Characters" is now called "Edit > Emoji & Symbols"

+Starting with OS X 10.11.0,  the input source for many years called "US Extended" is now called "ABC Extended".


Magnus Lewan said...

Good to know. Have you by any chance been able to figure out what the "ABC" keyboard does? There is U.S., British, ABC Extended and ABC keyboards in addition to plenty of other ones. There seem to be just a few keys different between "ABC" and "British", but I cannot see who would use one over the other.

Tom Gewecke said...

Hi Magnus -- ABC is just US without the flag as far as I can see. Apple probably wants to offer a "denationalized" version of this layout, since it sells "international english" keyboards all over the world.