Thursday, October 1, 2015

OS X 10.11 El Capitan: New Language Features

El Capitan was released 9/30/15 and appears to have the following main new language features:

+Spell check added for Norwegian, Finnish, and Korean

+Reference dictionaries added for Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, French-English, German-English

+Language keyboard added for Tongan (but surprisingly still none for Lao or Amharic, for which specific fonts have long been installed by default).

+Arabic/Hebrew dictation

+Improved Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi input systems

+No new system localizations.

Apple has published some info for  JapaneseChinese, and International.


Ranvel said...

I observed some strange behavior today. I feel like this is an error that was created thanks to the new "Enhanced Internationalization Support". Previously, I don't think the OS was even capable of switching languages without a restart of the program, but as you can see, this languages are swapping back and forth for seemingly no reason.


Tom Gewecke said...

I've seen a lot of reports of such mixed language menus in the last few versions of OS X. But I think yours is the first where it was three languages, normally it is only two.

FG said...

I've had mixed menus in Yosemite between English (UK) and French, with French text appearing in English-language applications.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, your site is a great resource for multilingual users, and I hope you may have some suggestions or answers. Unfortunately, El Capitan has become a nightmare for users of languages not supported by Apple. I write daily in Serbian (latin alphabet), English, and French. While OS 10.11 handles English and French relatively well (could do better with automatic autocorrect of French accents on QWERTY keyboards), it tries to autocorrect Serbian much more aggressively than previous OS versions. As a result, every other word typed gets changed to another word from a supported language, even sometimes two sentences back. The only option is to turn off autocorrect, which I would still like to have for English and French. I tried adding custom spelling dictionaries for Serbian, but they are ignored unless you select Serbian as the sole language used. I even tried adding all the words from a Serbian spelling dictionary to the user dictionary, but there are still no suggestions or corrections when typing accented words without accents on QWERTY. Is there any way to make custom spelling dictionaries work when Automatic by Language is selected? Thank you.

Tom Gewecke said...

Sorry, no way as far as I know to make 3rd party dictionaries work like Apple's. Many users find Automatic pretty useless even with Apple's dictionaries.