Tuesday, April 1, 2014

iWork for iCloud Beta: Still No Support For RTL Or Indic Scripts

The improvements added by Apple to iWork for iCloud beta on April 1 did not included any fixes to the broken rendering of Arabic or Indic scripts reported earlier.


Chris Thompson said...

Yep, same experience here with icloud Pages and Arabic. The letters don't join if you type them in directly, and if you paste them in ready-joined from TextEdit, they un-join as you paste.

Anonymous said...

I confirm also. I use Devanāgarī and Tibetan scripts. iCloud still does not show many Tibetan characters correctly. And, in Pages ’13, Tibetan does not show correctly if I use Times Roman, but have to change it to Helvetica. By using a character style whenever I use the Tibetan script, that fixes it, but it is slows me down. And, there are other issues I have sent to Apple regarding a certain character in the Devanāgarī that doesn't display correctly at all in iCloud Pages.

Robert Hutwohl

Tom Gewecke said...

Robert -- neither Times Roman nor Helvetica ever contain the characters for Tibetan, so in fact some other font is being used, normally Kailasa or Kokonor, regardless of what the app seems to tell you.