Monday, March 17, 2014

Typing With The International Phonetic Alphabet

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is not a language but a set of agreed special symbols for describing the pronunciation of any language. Within Unicode they are spread over a number of different blocks, and your OS X should be able to display them with the right fonts. The Wikipedia IPA page is a good way to test your fonts, as the charts there are available both as text and as images.

To input IPA in OS X you need to use the app IPA Palette, the OS X Character Palette, or a special keyboard, such as that created by SIL. Any modern word processor should work.  


Smokey Ardisson said...

Tom, that link to appears to be to some internal Blogger URL, not Further, if I try to visit "" directly, I appear to get a "spam" page with some discussion of IPA and a lot of unrelated paragraphs/links, but no keyboard layouts :-(

Tom Gewecke said...

You are right, there used to be a screen keyboard there but it seems to be gone, just a chart now. I'll remove it.

JosephK said...

I can't get Mavericks to 'see' the IPA Palette! It worded fine in 10.6, but it refuses to turn up in Mavericks, despite many restarts. Very frustrating.