Saturday, December 29, 2012

Info On Apple-Provided Fonts

Apple currently publishes two notes listing the fonts provided with its products:

For OS X 10.8, HT5379

For iOS 6, HT5484

Regarding conditions on their use, the OS X License reads as follows:

E. Fonts. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, you may use the fonts included with the Apple Software to display and print content while running the Apple Software; however, you may only embed fonts in content if that is permitted by the embedding restrictions accompanying the font in question. These embedding restrictions can be found in the Font Book/Preview/Show Font Info panel.


Anh said...

Hi! I have a question that, is "ibook author" have "EPUB" extension? If i have a free ibook author (no DRM), can i open it with Adobe Digital Edition?

Tom Gewecke said...

Anh -- No. iBA has .ibooks extension and can only be read on an iPad with iBooks, nothing else.