Thursday, November 22, 2012

Myanmar/Burmese Bug in iOS 6

It's been reported in the Apple discussions, and I have verified it myself, that trying to view Unicode Myanmar/Burmese webpages, emails, etc. in iOS 6 can result in nasty freezes of the app being used, not always easy to recover from.  I'd recommend avoiding this script until Apple has a chance to fix the problem.

Note that iOS doesn't itself have a Myanmar font, so normally if you go to a site in this language you would only see squares, even if Safari did not freeze up.  But there are various apps that include a Unicode Myanmar font which let users read this language.

iOS 5 apparently did not have this problem (though I cannot test that any more).

I have seen a similar reports for the Khmer script and for the Thaana/Divehi script (used in the Maldives).

NOTE:  This bug was fixed with iOS 6.1 released Jan. 28, 2013.

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