Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alternatives for Missing iPad Keyboards

As of 11/1/2010, the iPad app store lists keyboards for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Korean, Dvorak, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Finnish, Serbian (Cyr), Serbian (Latin), Catalan, Macedonian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, and Pashto.


Paul D. said...

Since these are stand-alone apps that don't add input functionality to any other app, they seem kind of pointless to me. :( I'd really like to know when Apple is going to add Greek and Korean keyboards.

Tom Gewecke said...

The point of the keyboards is to let you enter text into other apps via copy/paste or similar means, which I think is better than nothing at all, even if cumbersome.

Unfortunately Apple never tells anyone when it will add new features, but it is logical to expect iOS 4 will have all the missing keyboards when it is released for the iPad in the fall. No guarantee though, since it's not clear why the current iPad doesn't have all the 3.1 iPhone keyboards already.