Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Browser Language Test

Since the new Windows Safari beta has a number of bugs related to non-ascii text, and there also remain many questions about what the Safari used in the iPhone will be able to display, I have posted a simple web page that contains short samples of the scripts which often cause problems here.

At the bottom of this page there is a graphic of what should be seen at the top, so users can easily compare the two and see what may not be displaying right.

Tiger should display everything correctly except Tibetan (unless you have installed the special font from XenotypeTech). Leopard comes with a Tibetan font and should also display that sample in proper fashion.


Paul D. said...

In Safari 3 for OS X, the Tibetan characters aren't quite being composed correctly.

The same problem happens in Camino. I wonder if the OS X text engine or the default font is to blame.

Tom Gewecke said...

If you are running Tiger, it cannot do Tibetan correctly unless you have the special XenoTypeTech font installed, regardless of the browser being used. Leopard will come with a font that works. What you are probably seeing are Tibetan characters from (Chinese) fonts that come with OS X but don't have the stuff needed to work right.

Anonymous said...

> Leopard will come with a font that works.
Yep, Kalaisa and Kokonor Tibetan fonts (as well as another) works well in Finder, Azureus, TextEdit... everywhere. But not most browsers, regardless on encoding chosen from menu (UTF-8?). Somebody from Camino support said that it is Gecko (internal engine) problem, not their.