Sunday, May 12, 2013

Typing Runic

In addition to its historic uses, the Runic script appears in the recent Hobbit movie and the Tolkien book on which that is based.  To type Runic in OS X you need to add a font and a keyboard layout for the Unicode Runic range.  A good font is Quivira, and there are keyboards available here and here.

Unfortunately there is no way to type Runic yet in iOS devices.


Chris Harvey said...

I've got some Runic keyboards here at Languagegeek. For some reason I didn't make them public and they've been laying fallow for ages.

Tom Gewecke said...

Thanks much!

Þjóðbjörn Kjærstad said...

I know this is some years old, but since iOS 9, runes have been visible on the iPhone/iPad, and there is a unicode keyboard that will let you type in runes:

There are a couple of errors on the runic keyboards (similar looking runes used instead of the correct ones), but this is an easy thing to fix yourself.

If only someone would develop an app like Ukulele for iOS. But this is probably the next best thing!