Saturday, May 11, 2013

OS X: Glitches With Traditional Chinese Cangjie Input

A poster in the Apple Support Communities recently pointed out that some Chinese characters cannot be made with the Cangjie sequences they were accustomed to, even though these worked fine on their iOS devices.

It turns out that OS X has different Cangjie sequences for certain characters.  You can see what these are by selecting the character and going to the "flag" (Input Source) menu when Cangjie is selected and then down to the bottom and choosing Find Input Code.


Sheridan said...

Hi Tom. Great blog; thank you for all your work and information.

I'm curious if you've come across or hear about another issue that seems to be related to Chinese text on Mac OS X. I work a lot with Chinese pdfs and need them to be searchable. However, and I'm not sure when, it seems that something funny has gone wrong with the pdf maping table (or so someone has suggested) related to Chinese fonts in pdf files. For example, if I take a Chinese pdf (that is already searchable / OCR'd) and open it in Skim or Preview, change it in any way (like highlight some text), save and close it, then re-open it, although the text all looks normal, when you copy any number of characters and paste the result, all you get is jibberish. It is as if the meta-data for the characters gets lost when the file is re-saved.

Any experience with this? I spoke at length with Apple regarding this a couple of months ago, and the fellow said that had a "response" for me (assuming a fix of some kind), but haven't heard back since then (though I've written him often to ask for his help.)

Thanks, Tom. Sorry to trouble you with this, but figured you may have some insights / experience. I can send you a screen-cast I made for Apple that shows what I tried to explain above if that would be helpful.

With regards,


Tom Gewecke said...

I'm pretty sure I have seen various reports of such corruption with non-latin pdfs. It is just a rotten format for reliable search and copy/paste in general. Try Adobe Reader or pdfpen instead. Please continue via email (tom at bluesky dot org) if you want because this is so far from topic of blog article.