Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hebrew Localization of OS X

If you are interested in having the OS X menus and dialogues displayed in Hebrew, check out this page. If anyone installs it, I'd love to have an evaluation.

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Aaron Solomon Adelman said...

I've tried it out. Not bad. There are some rough edges, though. There are one or two places where the translation doesn't use the same word for the same thing, and a password dialog had an invisible field for where you enter the password.

More troubling are the glitches seemingly unrelated to translation. I was periodically told an iCal-.Mac synchronization would take longer than expected, despite me not having a .Mac account to synchronize with. Nisus Writer Pro did some weird stuff with alignment which no amount of fiddling with settings would fix. BOINC and Keyclick caimed permissions problems, even after repairing permissions. NewsFire displayed what looks like HTML code rather than formatted RSS articles. My desktop picture remained stuck on Aurora.

I've switched back to English for the system software, though I've rigged things so many of the translated programs have the Hebrew interface. I'm hoping that iDigital fixes the glitches soon. I believe in security through obscurity, and I welcome the idea of the OS being in my favorite language, one which is little understood and written in a script also little understood.