Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 New Keyboards for iPod Touch and iPhone

It looks like the Sept 9, 2008 firmware update 2.1 provides the following 10 new keyboards to the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch: Czech, Estonian, Croatian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, and Turkish. However no new dictionaries (thus none for the keyboards mentioned above) have been added. Arabic or Hebrew or Greek input is also still not available.

The full list can be found in the tech specs.


mojojoneslee said...

It's ashame that Apple does not reveal any info on keyboard input API nor having info on upcoming supported languages. I just hope that Apple will consider adding Vietnamese input and Vietnamese localisation into next firmware (probably 3.00??)

Abdullah said...

Hi there TOM ,

i just wanted to point out there is a Full arabic support for iPhone\iPodtouch provided from http://iphoneislam.com/en/ which include an arabic keyboard can be used with mail , safari , notes .. almost every application .