Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OS X Yosemite: Update Fixes Japanese Input Issue

The official release notes for the OS X 10.10.1 update include:

+Addresses an issue that might prevent entering text in Japanese

I'm not sure sure exactly what that issue was, there have been various reports of Japanese problems in the ASC.  If someone finds out, let me know.


Jonathan Adami said...

I don't know about that issue, but I have my Kotoeri constantly switching back to Hiragana, which makes it bloody annoying! Am I the only one? Do you know of any reason that could happen?


Tom Gewecke said...

Jonathan -- Sorry, no. You should ask in the ASC or the Japanese version ( https://discussionsjapan.apple.com )

RSI studio said...

Using 10.10.1 when I swith to Hiragana in Excel the menu bar will flash and I cannot enter further text. Very disturbing.
In Photoshop, after entering Japanese text the document cannot be saved! To cap this, the mouse click stops responding
in the Finder. This can happen after a few lines of Japanese or immediately.
I don't use Japanese often but when I do I need it ofbviously. I hope that update 10.10.2 addresses this serious bug.
RSI studio

Tom Gewecke said...

RSI Studio -- to tell Apple you want something fixed, you need to go to http://www.apple.com/feedback For problems with MS and Adobe apps, you need to consult the forums run by the people who make them, it could be they need updates too.

RSI studio said...

Until Apple and others respond to this bug, & in addition to my earlier post here's one possible work-around for people who need
to get the job done. I could complete the task by typing Japanese on my mobile, emailing it to my office and then copy/paste into
format. This allowed me to enter text without switching input method. I could also edit the size & font without a hitch after this.
Might sound elaborate, but it worked for me ... for now.
regards, RSI studio

Anonymous said...

Those who suggest that the people posting problems here should tell Apple instead make the assumption that we have not already repeatedly asked Apple to fix the issue.

For me Yosemite Developer Previews all worked typing in Japanese but from the first release until now I have had similar problems to those above. Likewise I have been typing everything on either a Snow Leopard partition and then rebooting or as another has done, type on my cell phone. However that does not work with certain file types where the software is not compatible with both SL and Yosemite (certain Excel files being an example).

We HAVE already gone to Apple with no solution and that is why nearly 1/2 a year after Yosemite's release we are posting on sites like this.

The only positive here is that because of the bug in Yosemite, I found this site and I really like it.