Friday, October 17, 2014

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: New Language Features

Upon initial testing I have found the following:

+New Localizations: Spanish (Mexico)

+New Spell Checkers:  Turkish

+New Dictionaries:  Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Spanish-English

+New Language Keyboards:  None

+3 New Devanagari Fonts

+Various Improvements in Japanese Input

+Context based candidates for Chinese Input

+Improved Chinese and Japanese Spotlight search

+40 Dictation Languages


Frantisek said...


How it happen that OS X localized, can use language for dictation (well) but is missing regular spell checking vocabulary in that language? In our case most of Slavic languages.

Tom Gewecke said...

Nobody can tell you why Apple has not included some feature you want, but you can ask for it via In the meantime you can add dictionaries available for OpenOffice if yoiu find one for the language you want,

√Čric.L.38fr said...

Still no possibilities when working on multilingual documents, that, for the red underlining and popup propositions, a few dictionaries (currently two) be used instead of a single one ?

Also, still no esperanto ("eo") in the language list :-(

(Mainly using TextEdit as my everyday word processor)

FG @ Inclusive Tech said...

I'd love to know when they're going to add Hindi as an OS X interface language -- and more English variants, especially when Windows, Linux distributions and Apple's other products include UK English at the very least. (I know you're not Apple, I'm just dumbfounded at the absence of these specific language groups, especially when you've got iOS which has just added Hindi, and has about four flavours of English.)