Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OS X: New Mongolian Keyboard Layout

Thanks to Mukhbayar Batkhuu there is a new Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard layout for OS X available at

Mongollian Keyboard for Mac

Another one can be found at


And a QWERTY version can be had here.


Anonymous said...

The download at the first link seems to have changed; it only contains an unreadable file (not .keylayout). I think it used to be different because I downloaded from there years ago and it had a keylayout file that worked.

As for the second link, the shopping cart page of Mountainedge is broken so I can't purchase and they did not respond when I contacted.

Any third option to try for downloading a Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard layout for mac (free or not)? Thanks.

Tom Gewecke said...

First link works fine for me, must be some problem with your browser.

Second option is broken like you say.

3rd option is already there, QWERTY version link.