Monday, June 2, 2014

New Language Features in iOS 8

At the WWDC June 2, Apple announced some new language features to appear in the next version of iOS:

+multilingual predictive typing via QuickType (14 countries).

+22 new languages for Siri

+real time in line translation via Bing

+ability to install system-wide third party keyboards

See the first Comment to this article for additional details.

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Paul B said...

I "watched" via the WWDC app the talk on Advanced Internationalization. They revealed the following for iOS 8:

Apple are changing the Language & Locale settings for iOS 8. Two big changes worth noting:

users can now specify their preferred languages in order of preference, and they can include languages beyond those iOS itself is localized into

app developers, therefore, are finally going to be able to provide localizations in their apps for any language they want to support even if the OS itself isn’t localized in those languages

New UI localizations:
Hindi, Indian English, Canadian French, Hong Kong Chinese
New Keyboards:
Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Indian English, Filipino, Slovenian

+ various new fonts, calendars (lunar, islamic), and developer APIs –

text encoding detection/conversion, date and time duration/interval formatting, and locale-appropriate measures for energy, length and mass.