Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mavericks Update Fixes Japanese Input Problem

The glitch with the Japanese Kotoeri IM reported here has been fixed in the OS 10.9.1 update released 12/17/2013.  Kotoeri Preferences (found when one of the Japanese IM's is selected in system preferences/keyboard/input sources) now has a setting for the keyboard layout, as was present in 10.8 and earlier.

Apple has also issued a note regarding a problem some users have encountered with a grayed-out Hiragana input.

In case you are wondering where the "Register Words" option for Kotoeri has gone, this function has now been taken over by system preferences/keyboard/text/text substitutions, as explained here.

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Philippe said...

Yes! Now Kotoeri is back to working like it always did. There is no need for any workaround (loading the ‘US Keyboard layout’). I’ll now live in the fantasy that my detailed feedback along with real world use cases contributed to this change ;-).