Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Multilingual Mac Web Site Updated

I've updated the reference web site, Unleash Your Multilingual Mac, to reflect OS 10.9.  Comments and corrections by viewers are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Great reference page! But I think you should remove the paragraph "Winsoft has special versions of Adobe products". Winsoft used to make Middle-Eastern (ME) versions of Adobe products up to CS5.5. At that point, Adobe bought/licensed/partnered with WinSoft (I am not sure which) and made the Middle-Eastern features available in-house, through the CS6 installer. Subsequently, all Middle-Eastern (ME) versions were deleted from Winsoft's website, and are no longer available for download (not even for registered users!). And all articles referencing those ME versions disappeared from the Web (conspiracy theory?).

Tom Gewecke said...

Thanks for the info on that, I will change the text.