Saturday, September 21, 2013

iOS 7 Language Glitches

I  have seen the following reports in the Apple Support Communities of problems with language support:

+Greek keyboard missing at some stage, so that users with Greek characters in their password can't get access to their devices.  (Fixed with update 7.02?)

+Broken display of Arabic and Korean in some apps.

+New 10-key (T9) Pinyin Chinese input method is only present on devices sold in China .

+New 10-key (T9) Korean input method only present on devices sold in Korea.

+A new, modernistic default font for Thai which some users find barely legible.

+The new Tamil99 keyboard has wrong characters on a number of keys in the shift level.

+Copy/paste causes crashes when the OS is running in Hebrew.

(This is the first time I have ever seen Apple issue an OS with some keyboards only available in one country.  They had to suddenly remove reference to the Chinese one from a long-standing webpage describing new features in iOS 7)

Contributions by readers of other items to this list are welcome. 


Magnus Lewan said...

Strange thing with the Greek keyboard. Already in iOS 6 I am restricted from using e.g. Japanese or Chinese keyboards for (non Simple) passcodes. However Greek is allowed. It is only in iOS 7 that Greek is removed from the list, both when creating and entering passcodes.

I wonder why Chinese and Greek would be impossible to use in passwords. It is probably some algorithm that gets confused, but why?

Perhaps there were already some problems with Greek characters in passwords, and Apple wanted to eliminate that.

Russian seems to work, btw, so if one wants to use π, one can type п instead. (But I did not dare trying.)

goofy said...

The Thai input uses a modern style font, which students of the language might find it difficult.

Magnus Lewan said...

Greek problem allegedly solved with 7.0.2: