Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Japanese-English Dictionary Missing in iOS 6

For some reason the Japanese-English dictionary that is available in OS X and was present in iOS 5 got lost in iOS 6.0 and is still missing in 6.1.   Among the complaints about this posted in the Apple Support Community are some ideas for apps that might be useful while waiting for Apple to fix the problem.  I mention 2 here -- other suggestions from readers are welcome.

PS I understand that there is a fix for this problem for jailbroken devices, but as a matter of policy I don't included that kind of thing in this blog.


Anonymous said...

An app for the Wisdom dictionary (the one iOS uses) is available in the App Store.

Anonymous said...

I heard the removal was due to licensing issues. If enough people write to them about it, perhaps we can get them to bring it back.