Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Syriac Font for OS X

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Davki said...

The situation with Syriac on the Mac is still dismal. Yes, Mellel does it but there are still problems even with XenoType. Starting with 10.6. the Syriac letter waw is replaced by the corresponding Arabic one. I contacted XenoType about the problem; this is what say told me (as of Nov. 2010):

"This problem occurs only with 10.6 and until a week ago we were not able to find the source of the problem. Another user has tracked it down - it is in the Apple Arabic system font Geeza Pro. Apple has been notified but there is no scheduled update for OS X until April of next year and we don't even know if it will get corrected then.

Unfortunately, because it is a system font, you cannot remove it. There is a way to fix it but we can't technically distribute the fix because of the font copyright. We are currently trying to find another way that users can do it on their own.

We will let all users know as soon as their is a fix."

Well, that was 8 months ago. Nothing has changed. Apart from looking ugly and impeding readability one cannot really publish anything written on a Mac unless in Mellel. Even paying $ 60 dollars just to that end doesn't change that. It's a bummer. Not to mention that Syriac is a no-go on the iPad as well. No wonder most colleagues have a PC if only to work properly with Syriac.