Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bug in iPhone/iPod Chinese Handwriting Input

The Chinese handwriting input on the latest iPhone/iPod Touch is a pretty impressive feature. But when using the Simplified Chinese version of this, you may find that only 4 character choices are given, so that if none is correct you have to start over. If you switch to the Traditional Chinese version, you will find a button over at the left which says 其他. Tapping this will give you additional sets of 4 choices, where you will probably find the correct one.

The lack of the 其他 button for Simplified Chinese is presumably a bug which Apple will need to fix.


Marcel said...

Thanks for pointing that out. The handwriting recognition of Chinese characters is indeed an impressive feature. This is the one feature that can convince me to buy an iPhone one of these days, but I'd need especially the simplified Chinese to work flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! your absolutely right! traditional search is light years better! its so sad that they haven't fixed this problem in version 3.1! if you guys want a good chinese dictionary with marvelous input method google nciku!! you'll thank me later. Plus it would be nice to have iphone support flash so that this awesome nciku dictionary would work on your iphone, but I'm not bringing my hopes up with apple.