Monday, June 30, 2008

Sinhala Font and Keyboard for Testing

Thanks to Nick Shanks, there is now an OS X Sinhala font available for testing here. A first stab at a "wijeyasekara" keyboard layout for this script can be had on my iDisk.

I'm sure the keyboard has errors, so I would be grateful for any users willing to test it and report them to me for correction.


goofy said...


The font doesn't display properly in Textedit on Tiger or Leopard, but it seems to work in Safari.

Anonymous said...


I just found this while searching for a keylayout for mac. Looks great, and it works very well. I'll try it and will give some comments. Cheers.

Dasun Sameera - දසුන් සමීර said...

Malinthe Point out me a little bug of this keylayout.

this is it
Epsilon should change from ැ to ෑ
epsilon should change from ෑ to ැ


Tom Gewecke said...

Thanks! I fixed the keyboard (I hope)

Pramudith Thenabadu said...

Is there gonna be a sinhala keyboard for i phone os 4.0?

Tom Gewecke said...

Pramudith -- Sorry, nobody can answer that, Apple never provides advance info on new features.