Monday, December 24, 2007

OS X 10.5 Leopard: Chinese Module for

An ingenious programmer has used Apple's Dictionary Development Kit to produce a Chinese module for based on CEDICT. You can download it here. The unzipped file goes in Library/Dictionaries.


Anonymous said...

The link for downloading file couldn't be opened.

Tom Gewecke said...

Fixed now I hope.

dudusiong said...

hi Tom,

I didn't fond any information about the new bug Leopard introduced concerning the input of simplified chinese with an AZERTY (french) keyboard.
When i select the simplified chinese input method in the flag menu (ITABC method), my AZERTY keybord become a QWERTY keyboard !

I had the same problem using OS 9 and the first versions of OS X. Then, with Panter and Tiger the problem was fixed, i could input simplified chinese, my keyboard remained an AZERTY one.

Is there a way to fix or overpass this Leopard bug ?

Thank you

Tom Gewecke said...

I think there is no fix. Usually I recommend people use QIM instead, where you can choose any keyboard layout you want:

Anonymous said...

Hi. I wonder if leopard already supports voice over for chinese language. I did some research, and found some links that said that leopard already has that feature. but as i searched it on my mac, i couldn't find it anywhere. Any help please?


Tom Gewecke said...

Apple does not provide voices for any language other than English. Some 3rd parties do, but the only thing I know of that does Chinese is

云清, aka Jessica Bibbee said...

link to the Chinese module is still broken. Has it moved or been removed completely?

Tom Gewecke said...

I think that source is gone. Try this one: