Sunday, December 24, 2006

Writing Phags-Pa

Phags-pa is a script once used for Mongolian and Chinese and occasionally today for Tibetan. Andrew West has just produced a font for this which can be downloaded here. A keyboard layout for OS X which mirrors Andrew's version for Windows can be gotten from my iDisk.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell neither OS X nor X11 apps can yet display Phags-pa totally correctly, only Windows. Here is a test page.

Update Nov. 2007: OS X 10.5 Leopard can display Phags-pa correctly in Safari and Pages, but not in TextEdit.


Toshi Omagari said...

Hello, I am in need of this Phags-Pa layout if it still works on Mountain Lion, but the iDisk link is dead. Could you upload it again?

Tom Gewecke said...

Try this link: