Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Unicode 1.0 and 2.0 Scripts

Unicode 1.0, released in June 1993, and 2.0, released in July 1996, included 8 scripts not currently part of OS X. Here is the status of their usability on the Mac as far as I know. Where there is a font but no keyboards, characters can of course still be entered directly using the Character Palette.


Fonts: Ekushey
Keyboards: Ekushey


Fonts: None
Keyboards: None


Fonts: Nick Shanks and Xenotypetech
Keyboards: Xenotypetech and Telugu.keylayout.


Fonts: Nick Shanks and Xenotypetech
Keyboards: Nick Shanks and Xenotypetech


Fonts: Xenotypetech
Keyboards: Xenotypetech, and here.


Fonts: Alice0–Alice5, Arial Unicode MS, Code2000, JG Basic Lao, JG Chantabouli Lao, JG Lao Old Arial, JG Lao Oldface, JG LaoTimes, Lao Unicode, Phetsarath OT, Saysettha OT, Saysettha Unicode, VanVieng Unicode, XiengThong Unicode
Keyboards: lao.keylayout


Fonts: Arial Unicode MS, BPG Classic 99U, BPG Paata Khutsuri U, Code2000, Everson Mono Unicode, MPH 2B Damase, Sylfaen, TITUS Cyberbit Basic
Keyboards: Apple Georgia and Quinon


Fonts: Xenotypetech
Keyboards: Xenotypetech, and here.


alienvoord said...

I love this blog.

I installed the Ekushey fonts and keyboard layout. But it doesn't seem to render some consonant-vowel combinations properly:

Also, do you know where the keyboard layout is installed? I can't find it.

Tom Gewecke said...

The Ekushey stuff is installed in Library/Fonts and Library/Keyboard Layouts on my system.

To ensure correct display, you need to have the Ekushey font selected (the name is in Bangla toward the bottom of the list) and you have to use a Cocoa app like TextEdit. If it still doesn't look right, send me a .jpg screenshot with info on the app (text like on your web page will appear differently to anyone who views it depending on their fonts and apps). tom at bluesky dot org.

alienvoord said...

Turns out I had the Windows fonts installed. With the Mac fonts, it looks fine!